Risk Racing Palm Protectors

R 159.00

Protects Against Blisters & Reduces Vibration

Motocross and trail riders are all too familiar with blisters. They can tear up the hands of even the strongest riders. Blisters can make holding onto your handlebars a painful and sometimes dangerous experience due to loss of grip. They can single-handedly take the enjoyment out of your ride, force you to take time off the bike, and more seriously, cause infection.


  • Palm Protectors are a very thin, protective layer offering full coverage protection of the palm as well as the saddle area between the index finger and thumb.
  • The Palm Protectors also aid in reducing the dreaded “Arm Pump” by absorbing vibration transferred through the handlebars.
  • Worn under the gloves, riders don’t even notice the ultra-thin Palm Protectors, but they do recognize the vibration reduction and much-needed protection against blisters.
  • Ultimate protection against blisters

  • Full coverage palm protection

  • Grip flange protection between thumb and forefinger

  • Ultra-Thin armour worn underneath gloves

  • Vibration reduction

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