How it all Started

Many years ago, Cape Town was the location where Gavin and Stephen's paths first crossed.  Gavin relocated from Pretoria, whilst Stephen arrived from PE.  Little did the two of them know that they would end up being friends and eventually family (they are now brothers-in-law).

Fast forward a few years, add a few grey hairs and a couple of pounds, and they are still going strong.  Operating from Table View in Cape Town, these two guys are just your average weekend warriors who saw the need for an affordable, local MX apparel store.  As a rider, you’ll know that getting your hands on decent kit at affordable prices isn’t always easy.  After a bit of research and a ton of courage, Gav and Steve decided that they had nothing to lose, and opened a small store in Parklands.  While the store started in the back of a friend's surf shop, GO-MX have seen steady growth over the last six months, and the guys felt it was time to expand.

“Our site will allow us to reach riders nationally,” says Gavin, who believes that riders should have access to good quality products, at a fair price. "We want to supply the best quality MX gear at prices the everyday rider can afford.”

Steve says that their vision is “to be the number one online supplier of MX gear in the country. We’ll get there,” he laughs, and adds that they also cater for riders at any level, from the beginner to the professional.

"We are very grateful for all the support we've received from the local MX community, our friends and our family.  We hope to grow our range, reach more riders nationally and have our customers along with us for the journey."

Here's to 2014.  See you on the track!



“Great prices and service!” – Craig Van Rensburg

“This place is gonna eat my money! Absolutely SICK gear!” – Jaco Miller



Gavin Mekisich is married to Nicole and lives with his two giant hounds, Great Danes Duke and Cleo. He has several years’ sale and retail experience, and was an account manager for four years in the UK.

According to Steve, Gavin is the guy who always has your back.

Stephen Mills is married to Nicole's sister, Cailey, and they have two little girls.  An industrial engineer by trade, Stephen is kept busy with another couple of successful local enterprises in addition to GO-MX.

According to Gavin, Steve is sarcastic, level-headed and shoots from the hip - a real cowboy!