100% Youth Accuri 2 Denver Goggles (True Gold Lens)

100% Youth Accuri 2 Denver Goggles (True Gold Lens)

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The Accuri 2 returns to set the benchmark for a premium performance goggle. Delivering utmost protection, visibility and comfort for sight to line while performing, with a wider field of view than ever before.


  • All 100% Jr. MX goggles share the same lens and tear-off profile.
  • Improved fitment and seal with increased field of view
  • Supports triple-post tear-offs for secure fitment
  • Ultra-thick triple-layer face foam soaks up sweat
  • 45mm wide silicone-coated strap for maximum grip
  • 9-point lens retention system secures lens in the frame
  • Slash logo embellishment detail
  • Anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens for clear vision
  • Racecraft 2/Accuri 2/Strata 2 utilize same lens and tear-offs


*Actual product may vary slightly from image