Defender Adult Face Mask & Extreme Sports Wash Essential Pack (Navy)

R 240.00

The Defender Mask is a proudly South African handmade product- with 4 layers of breathable fabric.

  • Breathability that allows for easy respiration
  • Layering breathable fabrics allow for good breathability along with good filtration
  • Using a stay dry, wicking fabric on the inside moves the moisture away from the face and makes the mask comfortable to wear
  • Coverage is from above the nose to below the chin and up to the ears
  • Comfort against the skin is important especially with a high humidity condition created by breathing through the mask and the risk of saturation.
  • Mask Adjustable on one side
  • Actual mask and non elastic fastener may vary


1. Washable, Eco-Friendly - Reusable
2. 4 Layer Face Mask
3. Outer Layer & Skin Facing Layer Moisture Wicking Media
4. Inner Double Layer of Particle Filter Media, composed of Ultra-Fine, Non-Woven Fibres, Stay Dry and Support
5. Breathable, Flexible, Light Weight, Non-Toxic, Soft Non-Irritating, Skin Friendly, Comfortable Fit Around the Ears

      Extreme Sports Wash is a 4-in-1 revolutionary liquid wash that cleans, deodorizes, eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses and preserves the fabric or material all at the same time

      Thanks to its award-winning active ingredient G-CIDE™, Extreme Sports Wash kills 99.0% of all bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores, while being completely safe for you, your garments/equipment and the environment.


      • Biodegradable
      • Non Irritant
      • Free of Parabens, Triclosan & Nitrosamine foaming agents
      • Non Toxic
      • Non Corrosive
      • 500ml