EVS F1 Chest Protector (White)

EVS F1 Chest Protector (White)

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The EVS F1 Roost Guard is a justifiable, yet simple addition to the already amazing EVS chest protection family. With stellar roost deflection technology and a fully modular customizable design, personalizing your own fit to suit your exact needs is now easier than ever. The F1’s lightweight, form-fitting design provides optimal protection, functionality, and comfort designed to be worn over or under the jersey.


  • Compact form-fit design
  • Compatible with all major neck braces
  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Click-Tec front closure system ensures adjustability and secure fit
  • Removable backplate
  • Plush biofoam liner
  • Multiple vents and air channels offer maximum ventilation
  • Lightweight impact resistant injection moulded construction

      *Actual product may vary slightly from image