Team Western Province Takes on WOMZA North vs South

WOMZA North vs South Team WP

Some of the Cape’s top riders will be going to WOMZA’s North vs South event at Tempe Motocross Track in Bloemfontein this weekend. It’s setting up to be a huge event with close to three-hundred riders from around the country having already entered.

Here’s a list of the riders in Team WP who will be entering races on the day. And no, that’s not a typo, some of our team riders are crazy enough to have signed up for multiple events. 


Aiden Rodger #217
Anthony Raynard #23
Matt Van Galen #48
Arnu Saaiman #592
Brendan Rodger #2

Aiden Rodger #217
Anthony Raynard #23
Travis Goosen #384
Ethan Hoffman #4

Mitchell Engelbrecht #94
Terrence Monk #110
Mark Guy #69
Brian Carstens #58

Puck Klaassen #88
Savannah Van Vuuren  #26

125 High School
Ethan Hoffman #4
Krige Van Der Merwe #194
Ethan Rodger #216

Kodi Goosen
Tristan Marais

Jack Anderson #122
Julian Van Jaarsveld #151

Lou Rademeyer #25
Tyler Ferguson #29
Luke Van As #311

Keep up with the team on Instagram at @teamwp2021 where Aiden will be livestreaming from the event on the day.

The team here at GO-MX will be watching and supporting from back home in Cape Town where our store will be open on the day. We’ll update you with the results after the event.

Best of luck to all the riders who will be taking part in the event. We'll be rooting for you, Team WP!

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