Twin Air Foam Air Filter - 150224 (Honda CRF 250/450 R/RX '17-'19)

Twin Air Foam Air Filter - 150224 (Honda CRF 250/450 R/RX '17-'19)

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Twin Air foam air filter to fit the following motorcycle models:

  • Honda CRF 250R 2018-2019
  • Honda CRF 450R 2017-2019
  • Honda CRF 450RX 2017-2019

Every Twin Air filter is constructed from two layers of open-pore foam that are bonded together to provide maximum filtration and superior airflow. A coarse-foam outer shell is flame laminated with a fine-foam inner core, resulting in a one-piece design that is both functional and durable.

The one-piece design permits continuous filtration and airflow while protecting your engine from dirt, dust and even sand. A thick, soft-foam sealing ring provides maximum contact with your airbox, even in the worst riding conditions. The sealing ring acts as a breathable gasket allowing air passage while restricting dirt and dust. Whether you are riding through the woods, across the wide open desert, or at your favorite track, you can depend on Twin Air providing your engine with lots of clean air. If Twin Air can’t keep your engine clean, no other filter can!

Twin Air filters are designed to increase air volume around the filter to improve airflow into the intake. More air means more power for your engine. Flow bench tests have proven that Twin Air filters provide increased airflow while reducing the filters tendency to clog. You won’t have to worry about your filter falling apart, because all Twin Air filters are constructed using an exclusively formulated adhesive that is unaffected by repeated cleanings. Twin Air filters are the choice of champions because they provide more power and longer life for every high performance engine.

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