*Multi-Pack* 2 x Motul Air Filter Oil Spray (400ml)

R 220.00

Each part of the motorcycle needs specific care. Motul® MC Care ™ A2 Air Filter Oil Spray is a blue-coloured lubricant specially developed for the maintenance of foam air filters of off road bikes and ATV's. Improves air filter efficiency for better carburation. Effectively retains dust, mud and sand for greater engine durability. Prevents water from entering the filter.
  • Reduced pressure losses at the air intake increases engine performance
  • Very good resistance to soiling which then prevents clogging of the filter
  • Fast drying to prevent drips
  • Coloured blue for easy application
  • 2 x 400ml


PLEASE NOTE: Liquid and aerosol products may not be transported by air, so do not qualify for express delivery. Please take this into account when ordering. 

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