Risk Racing Seal Doctor

R 549.00

Prevents and cures leaky fork seals in seconds!  Just snap them on your fork tubes and twist.  Most dirt bike riders are faced with one or two leaky fork seals a season, forcing them to send their bike or suspension in for costly repairs or take time and energy fixing a fork seal on their own using expensive speciality tools and complicated suspension parts. The Seal Doctor simplifies the process by removing the dirt that typically causes a leaky fork seal... And you can do it right at the track or on the trail!


  • Saves money, saves time, and fixes leaks
  • Lower the dust seal, snap on the Seal Doctor, insert Seal Doctor into a leaky seal, twist 360 degrees, and pull down the Seal Doctor to remove dirt and grime
  • Comes with a protective holder, so it can be stored safely in your toolbox or trail pack
  • Available in: Large (45mm-55mm) and Small (35mm-45mm)


  • 1 x Seal Doctor
  • 1 x Protective holder

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